Best USB Charging Cables and Adapters

Do you want to replace your old charging cable or want to buy an extra for emergencies? Remember that not all of the C-USBs are made up equally, and not all the wires can bear wear and tear with equal power. The most disappointing thing is that USB ports are still not clear in 2019. People are still confused about them and don’t know which one is best to use. There are a lot of similarities between the USB cables of various OEMs and the USBs from third party manufacturers. And unfortunately these C-wires look the same, and it is hard to find the best one. Some third-party USB cables can provide some significant downfalls, and they are extremely dangerous for the system of your smartphones.

There are different points that you should keep in mind
while considering any USB c-cable for your mobile. Such as

  • Check to charge speed and if the cable is supporting quick data transfer
  • Some cables are costly and fulfill higher standards. So you need USB-C cable only for charging then 2.0 wire is best for you
  • Take notice of the cable length it is also important. The longer lengths of cables have a negative impact on the speed of transferring data.

Don’t know which one
is the best to use? Here, I have mentioned some best USB C-Cables; let’s have a
look at them.

1. Cellularize USB C Extender Adapter

Cellularize is offering a wide range of USB IF-Certified cables with the warranty for 1-year. The USB C to USB-C (USB 2.0) is the most affordable cable that you can ever find. With the range of 6 inches to 9ft total length, the price of this Cellularize USB cable is only $6.5.

USB-C to USB-C (USB 3.0 Gen1) is an advance USB-Cable with the length range of 3ft to 6ft. This USB cable is a little bit higher in price and available at $19. Do you want to connect your smartphone with the laptop? If yes, then you can also get USB-C to USB-C (USB 3.0 Gen2). You can find it on and

2. Cellularize Right Angle USB C Adapter

If you keep multiple uses of USBs in your mind, then it is beneficial to keep many with you all the time. If you are thinking to buy an extra pair of USB C-cable for emergencies then having these Syncwire USB-C cables is the best option. With an amazingly affordable price range, these USB cables come up in nylon-braided design. With high durability and quality of features, Syncwire USB cables not only charge your smartphone fast but also support safe data transfer. You can find it on or on and

3. Cellularize USB C to 3.0 Cable

Do you need USB cables for data transferring? If yes, then USB-C Nekteck data cables are the best option to consider. These cables are available in the pack of 2 and having different optimal features. One is USB 3.1 Gen 2 and USB PD cable, which is thunderbolt compatible. Now you can not only store videos but also transfer data at the speed of 10GBPS. Let’s meet with the standards of Intel’s Qualification with the second option of the USB. It is the Thunderbolt 3 cable that supports 40GBPS speed of data transfer with 4 K outputs of videos. 1.5ft length of these cables is offering the fastest data transfer, but it is also available in the length range of 3ft to 6ft. You can find this one or on

4: Cellularize Type C Female to Female Coupler

This USB-Cable comes in a range of color options and has excellent build too. The transfer speed is standard, but the length and the braided wire are the real bonus. You can find it on and

Above mentioned USB-C cable options are the best one that we recommend for you.

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